Samskara Radio – Introducing

Samskara Radio – Introducing

A remixed version of Samskara Radio’s track I Can’t Wait has just been released and is bound to get some heavy airplay and streams. This synth-wave pop alt-rock hybrid with its 80s sensibilities yet full organic live sound is the musical project of Melbourne based musician/yoga teacher Simon Marrocco.

This new track takes up where his last release Can’t Kill The Radio left off yet I Can’t Wait has been given the deep house treatment by world-renowned producer Austin Leeds (who has worked with Avicii & Paul van Dyk). This version also features an exhilarating rap by Gold Coast artist MC Mooks and infuses the new treatment of the track with spirited energy that creates a surprise element within the dance aesthetic.

It begins with a bass drum’s rhythmic pulse which forms the centre of gravity for the track then is quickly made lush and beautifully atmospheric by the swathes of synth pads and various other evocative sound textures. There are also some key contemporary dance touches that Austin Leeds has utilised, such as arpeggiators and vocoders which add an extra dose of excitement to the track. Up to this point, the mix has been hypnotic and soothingly stimulating; then MC Mooks’ performance steers it all into another direction, equally mesmerizing and powerful.

These varying ambiences work exceptionally well together, unifying the song’s heart and soul. Samskara Radio’s new track is taken from a new album which includes remixes by the aforementioned Miami House music legend Austin Leeds as well as Dan Konopka (producer & the drummer in Grammy Award-winning band OK Go), Melbourne Dj duo Remach (Reece Crabba & Guy Grumach) and the multi-disciplined artist Frank Kruse (also the founder of Cosmic Coffin). If the remix of I Can’t Wait is anything to go by, Samskara Radio looks like having both a massive electro deep house hit and crossover dance-pop smash.



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Samskara Radio – Introducing

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