Refinery Recording is a state of the art, industry standard recording studio located in Williamstown, approximately 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Over the last few years Refinery Recording has gained the reputation of being one of Australia's leading recording facilities. From basic demo recordings, voice overs, film soundtracks to world class final releases, we have it all covered.
Boasting multiple Gold and Platinum albums and singles over the last 3 decades, we have extensive experience in producing, recording and mixing all genres of music including pop, r'n'b, hip hop, indie, rock, metal, blues, gospel, electronica and dance music.
This world class studio was acoustically designed by legendary studio designer John Sayers. The complex comprises of a very comfortable spacious control room, a huge live room, a drum booth, a guitar booth, a vocal booth and lastly, a very relaxing chill out area.

Refinery Recording Studio equipment list:

  • Apple Mac Computers
  • Neotek Elan Mixing desk
  • Yamaha NS10 and Dynaudio BM6A plus Subwoofer
  • Protools 12 HDX
  • Apogee Big Ben clocking
  • Neve 1073 preamps, API 512c preamps, Avalon VT 737, UA LA 610, UA 1176 Limiter, UA Teletronix LA 2A Limiter, Vintage DBX 160vu Limiter, TLA 5051, Smart Research C2
  • Vintage Neumann U87, Telefunken AK47, AKG 414, AKG D112, AKG C451B, Slate Digital VMS, Sennheiser 421, Rode K2, Rode NT5, SeElectronics 2200a, Shure SM7, Shure SM57, Shure Beta 52a, ADK 51TC, ADK Hamburg.
  • Pluggins Waves, UAD, Slate Digital, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Sound Toys, Lennar Digital Sylenth, ReFx Nexus, Air Music Technology Hybrid 3, Synth Master KV331
  • Hear Technologies Hear Back monitoring system
  • Wertheim Grand Piano, Premier Genista drum kit with cymbals and hardware, Gibson Les Paul, Fender 52 Telecastor, Fender Stratocaster, Maton acoustic guitar, Epiphone Les Paul bass, Marshall JCM800, Quad box (Celestion speakers), Fender Deville.

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