La Reina – Introducing

La Reina – Introducing

Australian singer-songwriter Reina and her band La Reina have just released an album that’s already garnered some amazing support from radio and streaming platforms. And with very impressive chart stats as well Raining In My Heart looks set to introduce La Reina to the world in a big way.

The album is a reinterpretation of Buddy Holly classics, utilising intimacy and restrained yet evocative performances to showcase songs that reveal their timeless nature as well as their ability to transcend genres. Fitting somewhere between a chilled-out playlist and the stripped-back country kind, the album is a sophisticated rendering of Holly’s oeuvre, with Reina’s exquisite voice doing an amazing job of injecting vulnerability, grace and finesse into the songs.

Going from measured cadences to powerfully sweet falsetto, Reina harnesses a broad palette of vocal techniques and executes them with compelling confidence, resulting in a potent emotional mix that’s sustained throughout. Reina’s homage to the 20thcentury rock and roll icon is finely wrought and comes from a very real place. As Reina says, ‘My love for music is very broad but my heart kept coming back to the memories of listening to Buddy Holly with my late father, so this music has a lasting and powerful connection to me’.

This connection is vividly brought to life, whether it’s the gentle openness of True Love Waysor the bluesy inflexions of Mailman Bring Me No More Blues, Reina has channelled an intensity of spirit that translates into a superbly affecting album. And just as Buddy Holly had embraced a myriad of styles so too will this album slide easily into varying genres including folk-pop, country, acoustic and blues.

Judging by the initial responses to Raining In My Heart, La Reina can be assured of an impactful entry into the global music scene.



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La Reina – Introducing

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