Janet Odani – Introducing

Janet Odani – Introducing

Janet Odani – Introducing

Australian singer-songwriter Janet Odani ’s superb new single Mountain Climber has just been released and it’s sure to be her breakthrough track. Having already released three albums this prolific artist has written an amazing folk-pop song that’s a sure-fire crossover hit.

Blending organic instrumentation with a joyous sensation of hope and aspiration, and Janet’s unique voice, Mountain Climber ticks all the boxes; a heart-stirring groove, a luscious earthy production and a universal lyric with a powerful message. Beginning with a series of chants and a driving acoustic guitar setting up the rhythmic template for the track, the verse arrives with the lyric’s intrinsic component in place: a subdued confirmation of being at peace.

The lyric also alludes to her Christian faith in God, providing the inspiration for achieving this goal, a symbolic figure that can be interpreted in many ways, and that’s part of the beauty and charm of this record. From the verse, the melodic intervals dip to quieter points, providing further variation of the lyric’s themes.

This segues into the chorus, which has the big hook of the song, supported by multi-layered vocals and a rhythmic urgency, and this section soars, revealing the full raw intensity of Janet’s expressive vocal prowess. Another verse, pre, chorus cycle follows which introduces the bridge section, and this utilises changes in the drum part to highlight the slightly different mood explored. Returning to the chorus, the resolve becomes unforgettable, affirming the positivity of the lyric and creating a sustained feeling of joy.

Mountain Climber will no doubt get added to many different streaming playlists and radio formats, it’s a strong, heart-warming song delivered with acute dynamism and an authenticity that’s obvious and difficult to ignore, transcending the limitations of the three minute pop song.



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Janet Odani – Introducing

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