Ain’t Got Time is the debut single by Foxie Balboa. The new track from this Australian artist is a blend of Latin dance, tropical house, rap and pop. It’s instantly infectious and a rousing, fun look at self-empowerment and independence. It begins with a theme which utilises a Latin-inspired feel mixed with some dance music traits, then leads into a chorus, a hooky refrain that underpins the rest of track.

The chorus segues into a melodic verse then another chorus and then a rap. The arrangement is an artful sequence of these three key parts and gives the track its unique form. With the chorus appearing regularly throughout the song, the hook is guaranteed to get its claws into you and does very quickly.

The production is polished and clean and the instrumentation never clouds the focus of the song, which is Foxie’s brash and tongue in cheek vocal performance and the narrative threaded through the lyric. And the lyric is a raw look at a relationship dynamic in the throes of being redefined. ‘It’s like you don’t understand, I don’t even know if you properly can’, Foxie says, outlining the underlying premise of the lyric.

It’s about a personality mismatch that comes close to being antagonistic. And this is where the tension comes in; but it’s an amusing kind. Foxie’s attitude says it all and also reveals the outcome of this unhinged partnership. The stand-out feature of this track, aside from the clever lyric and contemporary production, is Foxie’s vocal performance. It slides from a refined and restrained singing style to a natural-flowing rap, interconnected by a fiery tenacity that manages to maintain a sense of lightheartedness, despite the subject matter, which can be interpreted in many different ways. Ain’t Got Time is sure to get added to radio and streaming playlists everywhere, a rap pop track that’s highly entertaining yet contains some insightful universal observations.

Listen To Foxie Balboa ‘Ain’t Got Time’ Here:

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