Canadian-born Australian rapper and hip-hop artist Youi has just released his new single Signorita. Within an extraordinary short length of time, Youi has attracted tens of thousands of YouTube views and continues to develop a massive amount of support at radio around the country.

This emerging artist is on the very cusp of mainstream success, and his latest single might be the one that will help him achieve that. This is Youi’s break out track: full of hypnotic trap beats and playful rhymes. It’s a hybrid of rap and Latin-tinged pop, with Youi’s lyric creating a great set-up for the musical hooks, which are everywhere on this record.

The song is about a guy transfixed by beauty who goes about trying to secure the attention and affection of his obsession by enterprising wordplay and a dynamic sense of unexpected syllable use, as well as the melodic touches in the chorus hook. There is a hint of old-school hip-hop here too, which is understandable considering Youi’s influences. As he says, ‘Music has always been a huge part of my life.

From the age of ten, my love for rap music was born. Growing up my biggest idols were Eminem, 50cent and Lil Wayne’. But Youi’s style is also fresh and contemporary with the sparse production and crisp, clean sonics present very much part of today’s essential production elements.All I could envision with this beat was somewhere tropical, on a beach overseas with palm trees, people dancing, drinking and having a good time.

So I thought what better way to write a song, putting myself at that party?’ Youi says of this new exhilarating track. And that comes as no surprise as the mood that’s evoked calls to mind exactly that; a good time, the stirring strains of a party, into the heart of which we are dropped from the moment Youi’s voice begins.



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