S3 Saba Brothers – Rock It All Night Long

S3 Saba Brothers – Rock It All Night Long

Rock it all night long – New Single

This year has ushered in the arrival of a fresh and exciting trio from Sydney, The Saba Brothers, whose EP, Life has spawned two impressive singles, Walk Away and Life’s a Journey, both of which had been added to radio playlists across the country and garnered a great deal of social media attention.

On this latest release, their brand of Christmas song, the boys have taken a leap forward and expanded their range, adopting a style hinted at with their last single Life’s a Journey and now with Rock It All Night Long, it is fully realised.From the very first bars of the song, we know the kind of territory we’re in, acoustic guitars and a straight time bass drum immediately conjuring an indie folk-inspired sound, complete with rich electric guitar textures before it segues into the vocal.

When Raymond Saba’s voice does come in, it sets the tone for the rest of the song. There is a warmth and vulnerability about his timbre which seems a perfect fit for this kind of celebratory song. The lyric, although adhering to some of the universal themes typically present in Christmas tunes, focuses on the elements of the season which most people might take for grantedmusic, good times, loveyet seem so crucial when considered in the context of the rollicking country strained nuances of Rock It All Night Long.

The vitality and candid nature of the Saba brothers’ approach to their music is still on show here, in fact, perhaps even more so, the freedom of exploring unchartered ground with this subject matter, allowing the band to unearth a level of depth and clarity they maybe wouldn’t have otherwise been willing to do.

That is the great thing about music artists of all varieties, creating their version of Christmas cheer, it invariably allows the listener to hear an alternate and perhaps more adventurous version of that artist, which might remain pivotal, long after Christmas has gone for another year.



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S3 Saba Brothers – Rock It All Night Long

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