Vegas Sunset – Good Stuff

Vegas Sunset – Good Stuff

Brisbane based Vegas Sunset has just released an incredibly hooky new track called Good Stuff, a record brimming with fun, exuberance and pure pop brilliance. As well as featuring an enchanting vocal by Hannah Rose, Good Stuff attains the right blend between a finely crafted melodic structure, contemporary grooves and spirited vocal performances.

The production is impeccably clean, striking the right balance between surprise elements such as textured vocal touches and identifiable sections such as the irresistible chants of the chorus resolve.
Vegas Sunset has been touring for a little while and their live show is renowned for its escapism; just the very kind of thing Good Stuff reflects. Although the lyric is relatable and direct, there is an undercurrent of exploration also, as the track muses on the unique connection between two people, a yearning for the other and their ‘good stuff’.
The track begins with a clever keys part, the sound of which immediately sets the tone, upbeat, optimistic. The verse is then introduced, containing a sparse melodic structure embellished by background textures and self-assured vocal performances. The track slowly builds from the verses into the pre-chorus, which introduces some of the fine background vocal work featured throughout the track. Then the chorus hits, with a hip-hop pop drum groove at its heart and an insanely catchy melody and chant section.
The song proceeds to build, with Hannah’s vocal coming in with the second verse. There’s a lot to like about Good Stuff, it’s reminiscent of The Chainsmokers and One Republic but Vegas Sunset infuse their style with pop sensibilities that are broad in scope, and as the group have stated, their aim is to put ‘the missing ingredients of glamour, fun and showmanship’ back into music.
Good Stuff is all set to be the next big pop smash.


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Vegas Sunset – Good Stuff

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