Taste – Releases new track ‘Stand Up’

Taste – Releases new track ‘Stand Up’

Seminal Melbourne band Taste has just released Stand Up, a contemporary indie pop-rock hymn to self-empowerment, ushering in yet another chapter to the band’s illustrious career.

Taste was the youngest recording act for Warner Bros and went on to release three albums and a string of top twenty hits including Tickle Your Fancy, Little Romance and the classic Boys Will Be Boys, which was adopted by Queen in their warm-up music before their shows.
Taste went on to share the stage with Queen and was handpicked by the band to join them on a US tour. Since then Taste’s reputation has grown, establishing a large and loyal fan base that has transformed this esteemed rock band into one of Australia’s most significant musical entities.
Stand Up strikes the perfect balance between a finely-honed contemporary pop-rock song and maintaining the band’s inimitable approach: Ken Murdoch’s dynamic vocal style, Joey Amenta’s exuberant guitar work and Michael Tortoni’s exemplary bass playing. The song kicks off with the chorus, and what a chorus it is.
The melodic hook is instantly memorable yet it’s the heartfelt lyric which will perhaps resonate with many: direct and universal, its intimate approach is suitably matched by the impassioned performances all round and the pristine wall of sound production. Utilising tasteful guitar licks, resplendent background vocals and subtle keyboard layers, Stand Up is the kind of the song that has wide appeal; indie flavoured with streamlined melodic flourishes, the song will be equally at home on the commercial airwaves as it would on the more specialised stations.
Taste has stood the test of time, as their ever-growing legion of devoted listeners proves, and Stand Up will not only appease this audience but help create an entirely new demographic of fans, crossing that generational divide, the very thing this powerful new track is a potent reminder of.



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Taste – Releases new track ‘Stand Up’

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