Tarini – A new Australian music artist has burst onto the scene with an arresting track called Do You Wanna Dance, but it’s not the kind of dancefloor extravaganza you might expect from that title; it’s a spare and subtle invocation that utilises R&B tropes, such as an inviting groove, polished aesthetics and contemporary aural textures and weds them to a self-assured lyric and a remarkably evocative vocal performance from this fresh new talent.

Sophisticated yet with a touch of daring, Do You Wanna Dance seems to transpose the complexities of a relationship under strain into a flowing, sultry sonic exploration, replete with surging sublime vocals and tasteful musical phrases and passages. As Tarini says about Do You Wanna Dance, ‘I wrote this song in my car. I was really overwhelmed and consumed by a situation one of my good friends was stuck in. It’s about the kind of romance where you long so deeply for someone and regardless of how beautiful the actual connection between you and this person is, this said person is always pulling you and the relationship into a negative space and complicating things.’ Do You Wanna Dance is imbued with spacious, yearning beauty and a kind of innovative style: building upon an R&B foundation yet moving in all sorts of unexpected directions.

Do You Wanna Dance is a satisfying new take on the genre, maintaining a sense of authenticity via the personal lyric yet projecting a universality also. It is sure to get a tonne of airplay and get loads of streaming media attention. As Tarini says about her new release, ‘Music is incredible. I am so lucky to have the ability to express myself through something as powerful and universal as music and I am so excited to finally share such an important part of myself’.



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