The Phil Edwards Band is back and better than ever. After a hectic period following the success of their debut releases a couple of years back the band have re-emerged, with a reinvigorated spirit and a new finely honed sound.

Their debut hit single Crashgarnered great reviews and received commercial radio airplay all over the country. They soon released an album Slow Borders, which solidified their fan base and created a firm foundation from which the trajectory of their success could continue. This new singleCabin in the Woodsis a progression from their earlier style but doesn’t veer too far from their country folk rock roots.

The same warm organic sonic sensibilities are at play, as well as the evocative nuances of Phil Edwards’ endearing voice. The song is not only an intimate ode to the natural world but a paean to the joys of exploring the variances of human love within the context of that world. The simplicity of the instrumentation and the subtle performances all round invite the listener as well as provoke a sense of self-reflection.

The song was inspired by Phil Edwards’ other passion of building tiny homes on trailers, which help his busy clients escape the city and become reacquainted with the natural world. It is refreshing to hear such a song, one which hints at perhaps one of most contentious and important issues of our time and delivers it with a vulnerability and refinement which does not try to push an agenda but merely frames it in an aesthetically pleasing context.

The result is a rich, multi-layered song which takes its cues from a variety of influences. One can hear folk and blues, as well as rock infused with a country flavour. Exploring similar ground as Jack Johnson, Ben Howard, Jason Mraz and to a lesser degree, the indie folk movement of the last few years with acts such as Fleet Foxes, Cabin in the Woodsis a relatable and accessible song, with heart and soul that is most clearly established by the content of the lyric and the way that lyric is conveyed.

It won’t be such a surprise to learn that Cabin in the Woods makes it onto many radio playlists in this country and elsewhere, as well as contributing to the band’s flourishing online popularity.



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