Leea Nanos was discovered through the Eurovision – Australia Decides portal when this song Set Me Free was chosen as a possible Australian entry in the international song contest. Her performance was electrifying and her self-penned tune received a rapturous response and unanimous praise.

It’s easy to understand why the song made the cut; it’s a rousing, contemporary blend of pop, dance and R&B with a poignant lyric and an emotionally potent vocal performance from a young music artist whose trajectory has been extraordinary. The track begins with a laid-back, worldbeat style rhythmic feel that paves the way for Leea’s intimate verse vocal. The melody in the verse is sparse yet circles the half-time feel organically.

A bed atmospheric textures and synth pads glide around the vocals as the verse intensifies leading to the chorus. The anthem-like air of the melody is sustained by the change in rhythm which transforms the song into a straight time quasi-dance feel, allowing the hook to shine and Leea’s voice to reveal its powerfully emotive and self-assured characteristics.

After one cycle of the chorus you are instantly caught; it has all the hallmarks of a global hit, with its neat and well-crafted melodic structure superbly communicated by Leea’s confident and heartfelt cadences. The lyric is direct and relatable, with its simplicity a key ingredient of the overall appeal of the song. The second verse lyric reveals the darker side of the narrative but when that second chorus appears it feels far more weighty and urgent.

The production is immaculate providing the perfect vehicle for this finely crafted pop tune. A tasteful balance between the climaxes and the subdued elements of the song are achieved with a slick adherence to the dynamics, yet there are surprises too, most notably when Leea’s unadorned voice reveals the passionate and authentic nature of her commitment to the lyric.

This is a big song which has already made a big impression featuring a young performer you will no doubt be hearing a great deal more of in the future.

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