Melbourne based singer-songwriter Gio has just released a compelling new track called Free. With some impressive stats behind him including 30k Spotify followers, 100k YouTube views and 10k Facebook followers, the emerging music artist looks set to have a huge career.

Free is taken from Gio’s forthcoming EP Finding Milly’s Address and with several single releases under his belt including Your Face which has since been added to over 250 curated Spotify playlists and attracted over 40,000 streams and YouTube views, Free is poised to be Gio’s break-out track. Gio combines personal stories of self-identity and life with stripped- down emotionally-charged indie rock to create a unique and engaging style. When asked about his creative process, the young musician is candid: ‘I just sit down, alone – have a couple of drinks – beer, red wine, or rum – and just lay down everything that comes to me.

Once I start, I generally don’t have a break. I keep going until it’s all 100% done, then I bounce it out so I’ve got it to listen to later and that’s it. If I feel it’s still good after a week or two, I add it to the list of potential songs – which there is now about 200 of – and then when we go into a production period, we pick the best from the batch and record them’.

This method of writing has obviously achieved results for Gio, he is often approached by fans and followers and lauded for the ability of his music to trigger an emotional response in people. Free is a powerful track, with a rock edge but one which feels intimate and starkly unadulterated; a magical combination.

With a voice that has often been described as a blend of Bruce Springsteen, George Ezra and Mark Knopfler, Gio’s charismatic presence and heartfelt odes are registering with followers all around the world. When asked about the new track Gio says: ‘It’s about experiencing the loss of someone close to you – whether through losing someone to all the complications of life or because of death – but breaking free of the pain by knowing you’re not alone and by reminiscing and holding the memories close to you and never forgetting’. No doubt Free will be the musical panacea for many of Gio’s followers as well as a whole bunch of new ones.



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