IRIS – Introducing Lay With You

IRIS – Introducing Lay With You

Lay with You is the intoxicating new release for emerging New Zealand artist Iris. Taken from her debut album, Lay with You is a genre-bending track, combining contemporary dance aesthetics with a sophisticated melodic pop edge and a candid and ardent lyric.

Iris’ mesmerising vocal performance is both restrained and effortlessly evocative, revealing yet another dimension to this multitalented vocalist. With over 1million views and counting for Lay with You’s video, it’s only a matter of time before Iris’ musical career goes ballistic. Lay with You explores themes of love and sensuality with poetic warmth and a searing potency, mixing intimacy with dance floor verve and depth and harnessing a self-assured attitude with surging emotional power.

Lay with You follows Iris’ previous releases which include Don’t Wait Up, Painted Love,Frozen Hearts, Foresight and Dangerous, all of which made a big impact at radio and on streaming sites. Lay with You also features a startling refreshing lyric, full of sensuality and fire, and a directness which is difficult to ignore. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this track aside from Iris’ magnetic and engaging performance is, of course, the level of songwriting and the production.

The track is dynamic while maintaining a dance floor pulse, utilising moments of space and lush background textural effects to seduce the listener and create an evolving pop track with several peaks. And the lyric is another key focal point. It’s alluring without venturing into cliché, encapsulating a moment with stark candour and bold directness. By blending this representation of passion with the rhythmic power of a contemporary dance song, a whole other musical universe opens up.

Lay with You also shows the diversity of Iris’ vocal talent, with the track just one of many on her debut album that combines self-assured performances with great melodies, relatable personal lyrics and refined production values. Produced by Charles Lutman Lay with You contains a torrent of undeniable hooks and is sure to be the break-out track for this refreshingly passionate music artist, hurtling her towards a bright, effervescent future and global acclaim.



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IRIS – Introducing Lay With You

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