Covid – 19 Update

Australian Radio Promotion is still functioning as usual – Radio is still in operation and all commercial media outlets are functioning at required capacity (as you can probably tell if you’re listening to radio).

Please know the only change to our current situation is the industry is literally working from home – Interviews and face to face meetings have been canceled and are via phone or Skype meetings which have actually proven to be as effective in our radio servicing approach as they still are personable.

In conclusion to the above, please know it’s business as usual – We are blessed to be in a situation where we can still function accordingly and our thoughts and prayers are for all the people, businesses (small & large) in this country and around the world that have been massively impacted by the Coronavirus.

Please stay strong, support one another, keep your distance, listen to government requests and we will all get through this together.

Peter Josef


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