Brightest Star – New Release by Michael Burrows

Brightest Star – New Release by Michael Burrows

Brightest Star – The enormous success of Michael Burrows’ single Turn This Love Around has exposed this Australian singer-songwriter to a global music audience.

Having a Billboard Top Twenty hit will do that for you. Following on from this success, Michael has just released Brightest Star. As with Turn This Love Around, this latest track was produced by Frank Myers and Jimmy Nichols and recorded by Steve Marcantonio at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville. The song marks an interesting change for Michael as it displays his country leanings more stridently than his last few singles.  

The track kicks off in a spirited but subdued fashion, an exuberant feel that sets the rhythmic template for the rest of the song. Lightly picked acoustic guitars and percussive brushwork from the drums maintain a steady yet gentle pulse before Michael’s vocal comes in. The same vulnerability we’re used to hearing is there, the same raw, heartfelt cadences communicating an equally heartfelt sentiment.

Gliding over the unfaltering groove is a simple but infectious verse melody, comprised of two mildly contrasting parts with the second part containing a pleasing resolve. This melodic style enables a very smooth transition into the chorus, which despite its simplicity also, has a sing-along aspect to it which fits nicely over the sustained feel.

Arrangement-wise, there are no surprises but that’s the satisfying aspect of the song, though a change does arrive with a bridge section that highlights the narrative arc of the lyric. One could imagine this song as a dedication from a parent to a child, obviously, especially considering the bridge section, which involves peering into the future, however, one can also imagine a another interpretation, and that’s one of the engaging aspects of the lyric, its broad sweep.

There’s no doubt radio in Australia and other territories will jump on this charming track and turn it into yet another global success for Michael Burrows.

Remember you can catch Michael Burrows playing Brightest Star live as he joins The Phil Edwards Band and Peter Senior on their Let It Rain Tour, a series of shows during May in support of Drought Relief.

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Brightest Star – New Release by Michael Burrows

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