Soft Rain – New Release from Peter Senior

Soft Rain – New Release from Peter Senior

Soft Rain – Peter Senior has gone from strength to strength after his breakthrough track Cool Ride in 2018. That was followed by the success of three singles: Baby I Love YouChristmas Tree and Little Lovin. All of Peter Senior’s releases attract a lot of attention from radio across the board.

They love the contemporary retro-pop style, the bold production and Peter’s amazing voice, which is as captivating as it is exciting. And now there’s another reason to get excited, with the release of Peter’s new single Soft Rain. The track is yet another gem from his much-acclaimed debut album On The Edge.

What sets this track apart from Peter’s other releases is the sense of social conscience contained in the lyric. As Peter says about the inspiration behind the song,‘One misty morning, as I drove into the valley I realised I was driving past homesteads with the perfect script for a city/country conflict. What if someone had to leave the valley due to foreclosure on their property,I thought. I can certainly relate to the love of the bush and financial pressure.

It led me to spend more time on this track than all the others’. And it shows. The production is expansive and features many of those musical elements which make Peter’s music stand out: his crooning yet mercurial voice, the extraordinary piano flourishes, the firecracker guitars and the grand background vocal performances.

Together with the song’s reflective lyric, it becomes an even more potent blend, with the hugeness of the music complementing the depth and importance of the words. The arrangement utilises the highs and lows, providing exciting tension when needed and more subtle characteristics for balance.

Soft Rain already sounds like a classic song, from some unidentifiable era but it’s also irresistibly current and makes a convincing claim for individuality in music. Soft Rain is sure to propel Peter Senior further into the realm of singer-songwriter pop stardom.

Listen To Soft Rain from 10th May Here:

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Soft Rain – New Release from Peter Senior

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