Anthony Kale – Introducing – AR Promotion

Anthony Kale – Introducing – AR Promotion

Australian music star Anthony Kale has had a remarkable career so far, with the crowning achievements being the two number ones on The Independent Radio Charts U.K. with his two singles Be Responsible and Without a Word.

With a string of successful single releases behind him, Anthony is no doubt hoping his new track Miracle will do the same. Miracle is a rousing contemporary dance-pop track that reveals Anthony’s extremely versatile voice and his knack for writing memorable hooks that utilise a lyric with a direct and relatable appeal.

Miracle explores the themes of unfulfilled love, obsession, and the power such love can have on an individual. Yet Anthony’s performance is laced with a hypnotic element, as it narrates the trials of emotional upheaval and restrained passion With a noteworthy tally of over 300,000 Spotify streams, Anthony’s Miracle promises to expand his audience reach while maintaining his fervent, global fanbase. Like a hybrid Enrique Iglesias, Adam Lambert and Phil Collins, Anthony’s style seamlessly fuses some of the major aspects of dance with the melodic weight of modern pop, absorbing a myriad of influences to arrive at an exuberant musical palette.

With a swell of thunderous drums and a formidable chorus hook Miracle takes off, infusing dance sensibilities to inspirational high-powered pop. The verses remain typically understated, outlining the lyric’s direct and unmistakeably familiar observations; this is a love song after all, revealed from the point of view of the desirous, the shell-shocked admirer.

Currently working with music producer Salvatori Panetta (Kylie Minogue, Kisschasy, Gina G), Anthony has reached a creative peak with Miracle, honing both his songwriting facilities as well as restating his vocal prowess. Persuasive, hypnotic and memorable, Miracle reaches for a musical euphoria to untangle the indescribable nature of unattainable love. and inviting in equal measure, Miracle might just turn out to be the smash hit of the summer.



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Anthony Kale – Introducing – AR Promotion

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