ALL I NEED – New Single By Violeta Bozanic

ALL I NEED – New Single By Violeta Bozanic

All I Need is the latest track from Australian singer-songwriter Violeta Bozanic. It’s the follow-up to Jealous, a song which attracted extensive support across radio and TV and ushered in the career of a remarkable young musical talent. With a plethora of awards already under her belt, one of the most significant being winning the 2018 junior vocalist award at the World Championships of Performing Arts held in the US, Violeta is well on her way to making a mark on the Australian music scene.

Winning that illustrious award introduced Violeta to some high-flyers in the US music industry, including collaborators who have worked with John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and David Foster.All I Need is an electrifying contemporary urban pop song with Violeta’s stirring vocal once again the highlight. The song is a hypnotising groove-based meditation on empowerment, exploring music’s power to be a sustaining and healing life force.

Violeta’s commanding vocals and bold attitude are aided by lyrics that are direct, relatable and personal. The production is pristine, glistening with modern technological edges; an engaging accompaniment to Violeta’s soaring cadences and impressive range. Whether it’s the low registers of the sparse verse or the mid-range of catchy pre-chorus, Violeta’s performance is flawless and radiant. And this becomes obvious during the chorus, which is sensational and replete with hooks at every turn.

The arrangement is repeated until the bridge, this section an exciting diversion, utilising contemporary textures and sounds to create an energised entry into the chorus ends, with Violeta’s enchanting voice taking over. Often cited as Australia’s best-kept musical secret, it’s easy to understand how this might all change with the release of All I Need. It’s a next-level track which is sure to strengthen a blossoming career.



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ALL I NEED – New Single By Violeta Bozanic

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