Can I Have This Dance? – Saba Brothers

Can I Have This Dance? – Saba Brothers

Can I Have This Dance? is the latest release from Sydney-siders the Saba Brothers and follows on from their last single Smilewhich got a lot of action on radio and social media earlier this year.

This new song exemplifies the boys’ style, an indie pop-rock track with stirring performances all round, relatable lyrics and powerful melodies. Their trademark organic sound is refined here, with other elements such as acoustic guitars and soothing harmonies adding an extra layer of complexity to their sound.

But what the Saba Brothers do best, soul-searching tunes that veer from bittersweet to joyous, is still their most accomplished trait. Can I Have This Dance? also has traces of folk, especially in the intro, where a lone arpeggiated guitar pattern sets the tone. When we hear the opening line, ‘Life has so many places, don’t know which way to go’, we know we’re going to get a reflective, intimate lyric that’s raw, earnest and most importantly heart-felt.

And that’s exactly what Can I Have This Dance? is essentially about: an extolment and dedication to love. Of course, it’s the subject of most hit songs and the Saba Brothers tap into this rich vein with integrity and confidence. From the subtle guitar introduction to when the rest of the band emerges in the chorus, the boys’ have raised the bar with this track.

There is a clever utilisation of melodies that swell into one another seamlessly with an arrangement that brings out the unifying aspects of the band’s broad sound with the parts continually building into a rewarding and satisfying resolution. It has a mid-tempo feel, like many of the Saba Brothers’ previous hits, and is commercial without compromising the band’s warm and authentic sound. Raymond Saba’s voice is in great form, going from strength to strength with every new release. Can I Have This Dance? is a perfect mixture of indie pop and rock with some interesting alt-folk influences added, opening up a whole range of possibilities for this unique band.

There’s no doubt the Saba Brothers will yet again impress their growing fan base and attract many more new devotees.



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Can I Have This Dance? – Saba Brothers

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