Ras Banamungu – Shakalaka-Doo Experience

Ras Banamungu – Shakalaka-Doo Experience

Western Australian band Ras Banamungu and The Det-n-ators International follow the 2021 release of the album Revelation of Oneness and the singles, the album’s title track and Hallelu Jah, with a new track Shakalaka-Doo Experience. The band has enjoyed a sustained run of successes lately, receiving across the board support for their singles and praise for their album.

The new single merges rock and blues energy with Afro roots to create an uncommon World Music sub-genre while maintaining the band’s erstwhile sense of joy. Shakalaka-Doo Experience contains a carnivalesque atmosphere, mixing the band’s usual melodic sensibilities with boisterous rhythms and organic instrumentation, all set against an overdriven musical landscapewith the bass and guitar parts a central role in adopting a heavier sound.

Led by lead vocalist and songwriter Ras Banamungu, the acclaimed musician, professional laughter therapist, experienced entertainer, and maestro, Shakalaka-Doo Experience reveals the wide spectrum of the band’s sound, songwriting style and musical skills, exploring a rich palette with ease, conviction, and a distinct sense of fun. One need only consider the song’s title to get a sense of this cheerful, light-hearted spirit. Perhaps the most revealing aspect of the band’s new release is this sense of maintaining a tangible sense of elation and abandon, even when the band is exploring quite rock focused elements.

Combined with this version of the band’s nuanced style, it helps create an entertaining track and an intriguing interpretation of traditional roots-based World Music, despite one not being absolutely clear as to what, exactly, shakalaka-doo experiences entail. Yes, one has the idea that losing one’s inhibitions might be key here, and that disarming attitude comes through loud and clear here. Shakalaka-Doo Experience is sure to appease followers of the band and attract new listeners who, by this alluring amalgamation of musical styles, might tempt.



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Ras Banamungu – Shakalaka-Doo Experience

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