PLATINUM PARADE – Introducing – AR Promotion – New Music

PLATINUM PARADE – Introducing – AR Promotion – New Music

Dig Me from Platinum Parade is this year’s unforgettable techno-pop gem of the year. The renowned international electronic music production team’s new release is a brilliantly conceived and undoubtedly familiar throwback to songs like Aqua’s Barbie Girl and The Gummy Bear Song.

Dig Me’s executive producer is Grammy-nominated Norwegian luminary, Mood Melodies who has over 15 billion YouTube and Spotify streams. And if that’s not enough, he’s collaborated with some of the contemporary superstars of the dance-pop genre including Alan Walker, Zedd, Lil Baby, Jessie J, K391 and Alessia Cara to name a few. He’s also been a part of significant megahits like Faded (Alan Walker) and Stay (Zedd & Alessia Cara). With vocals from Swedish singer Ana Roze, Dig Me tackles in a humorous light, the perennial challenge of having a teenage crush which is not reciprocated.

However Dig Me gives hope to the apparently ‘uncool kid’ who takes a risk and reveals his secret talent, elevating his status but reaffirming the important message: not to judge a book by its cover. Dig Me’s animated music video was produced in Melbourne, Australia by Viskatoons and reinforces Platinum Parade’s ethos of creating light-hearted, engaging music videos with an underlying message, and a more refined purpose.

The song begins with a synth riff that sets up the rhythmic pace of the track: pure dance-pop heaven, with full-bodied production, state of the art vocal manipulation and effervescent bubbly hooks. But it doesn’t take too long before the chorus kicks in and stays right there inside your head.

The chorus opening lines are: I know you dig me / You just wanna kiss me / Buy me diamonds / Save me like a fireman. This lyric is indicative of Dig Me’s general style: entertaining, a little cheeky and effortlessly unforgettable. Platinum Parade’s new release is sure to attract across the board radio play domination.



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PLATINUM PARADE – Introducing – AR Promotion – New Music

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