Phoenix Verum – Introducing

Phoenix Verum – Introducing

Rising from the ashes of a break-up and during pandemic isolation emerging Australian R&B star Phoenix Verum began a period of self-reflection that has resulted in the multi-talented artist’s new release, the break-out track, This Is The Way.

Phoenix is the embodiment of the solo artist; he writes performs, records and produces every part of his music. This Is The Way is pure R&B funk with a contemporary edge, featuring splashes of retro and shimmering and electrifying, utilising a lyric that explores the dynamics of relationships with uncompromising style and finesse.

Phoenix has a notable history, including having shared the stage with such artists as Guy Sebastian, Darryl Braithwaite, Jebediah, The Superjesus, and performing at various locations around the world. This Is The Way was mixed at LA’s Ripshore Studios by producer Heath Ripplinger (Sick Puppies, Stephen Bradley (No Doubt/Gwen Stefani) Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and is sure to become a playlist and radio favourite in the months to come.

Phoenix’s ability to harness his experiences into an amalgamation of emotion, truth-telling and an enticing narrative is part of the allure of This Is The Way. As Phoenix has said about the new track: ‘Not all break-up songs need to be sad and soppy, as break-ups can and should lead to better things. This is shown in the upbeat, feel-good vibe of the song.

This Is The Way personifies emotional endurance, unbridled optimism, and personal resilience and reveals that we cannot avoid our destiny in life’. And this insight is stunningly revealed in the track, with its hypnotic grooves, stunning musicianship and high-energy, superlative vocal performance from Phoenix.

If there was ever a way to deal with a break-up than This Is The Way a perfect way of handling it; straddling the line between undeniable R&B panache with twists of funk and pop, Phoenix Verum’s latest is sure to be a massive hit on streaming and radio playlists across the globe.



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Phoenix Verum – Introducing

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