The Saba Brothers from Sydney are making significant inroads into the Australian music scene, especially after the success of their last single Walk Away.

They got a tonne of radio play across the country, as well as nailing some important TV appearances. Things are on the up for these guys, and this latest release will no doubt help them reach a wider audience and maintain an already loyal following. This record is the authentic sound of a band playing together at its best, just as a band is meant to be heard: raw, heartfelt, passionate and full of spirit and vigour.

Although this track is one of the more laid-back songs from their EP Life, it nonetheless has a lot of restrained energy about it. This is enhanced by the confessional style of the lyric, a warts and all version of a young man maturing yet questioning their place in the world and what’s expected of them. Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of this record is this admission, which in a sense, becomes an affirmation.

It’s a celebration of that youth but a muted sort which is not at all moralising or preachy. It’s just honest and well communicated; the instrumentation and the performances reflect this also. It begins plainly enough, a jangly guitar which introduces an equally sedate vocal, yet its slightly melancholic flavour is more akin to that which is wide-eyed as opposed to defeated. It’s optimism that is also attentive, ‘I don’t know how the story goes, it’s something that no one knows,’ Raymond sings (The brother who’s consigned to vocal duties).

It might seem like this subject matter is naively expressed but in the context of this song, and considering the band’s sound and audience, the sentiments feel astute, and artfully presented. As well as this three-piece drawing on a certain kind of dynamism that can only be harnessed within the classic line-up of guitar, bass and drums, there’s another element at play which is related to a young band exploring and finding its feet.

There is a warmth and charm about listening to that process.Life’s A Journeyis a good honest tune and a great interim track for this young band of brothers.

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