MADISON DANIEL performs on CHANNEL 10 in Brisbane

MADISON DANIEL performs on CHANNEL 10 in Brisbane

Victorian artist Madison Daniel began her east coast acoustic tour last week starting with a channel 10 performance, followed by gigs at Brisbane’s CITY SOUNDS and Gold Coast’s HARD ROCK CAFE. She is on the road travelling from Brisbane back down to her home town in Melbourne over the coming weeks.

Both this release and a remix of her latest track will also be available shortly at all good participating online outlets and streaming on Spotify.



‘Love Is Love’ aeuphonious narrative, a  depiction of the world incarnated without judgement, without bias.  Ex Neighbours & Winners and Losers actor Madison Daniel lays down the true definition of modern societies take on equal rights.

This contemporary Pop gem revitalises the conception of free speech and sovereignty on a once repudiated and frowned upon subject matter.

​A beautiful composition extracted from a strenuous juncture, ‘Love Is Love’ is the debut single from Madison Daniel, which provides an exceptional foundation for this multi talented singer/songwriter.

‘I wrote the track in L.A while waiting for the votes to reveal if same-sex marriage will be legalised in Australia. I have a lot of friends and family both in L.A and Australia who are gay and I was inspired to write about an issue that could be so easily solved.’

‘The L.A gay pride weekend was on around the time of writing the song and it made me hopeful that this pride and celebration could definitely be happening in Australia as well. ‘

‘So many people have waited for years to be able to marry the person they love and the law hadn’t been on their side. It made me not only sad but angry so I chose to put it into words. ‘


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MADISON DANIEL performs on CHANNEL 10 in Brisbane

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