Jessica Evans and Paul Siourthas, aka Siore, have released a deft foray into moody electro-pop with their second offering Change Your Mind.

It follows on from their debut Release Me To The Sea, which dropped a few months back.  It’s a pleasing and satisfying mix of sound and song with the melody reaching the heart-touching places we expect and the aural backdrop giving it the space and air that not only colours and supports but also elevates. After a series of ambient modulations, a finely strummed guitar begins, this temperate intro unfolding into a verse which immediately shows off Evans’ restrained and tentative vocal, as she showcases an inviting melody that hovers between yearning and mellow desperation.

But it doesn’t linger as the following verse creates the right transition from semi-dark to lightness effortlessly and organically. The chorus has the payoff we all want from a chorus, with the title getting a good run over an uplifted array of pads, bold rhythms and a stereoscopic wash which sounds like the very same metaphoric sea Evans’ has in mind. The arrangement is classic fare though with an uncoiling breakdown transition between the second chorus and the bridge which creates an inviting sense of tension. Evans’ voice has all the frail contours and vulnerable edges that blend well with the style of production at work here, but there’s also the dynamism when needed, such as in the more intense parts of the chorus.

For those who like our music subdued, stirring and contemplative, and for fans of London Grammar, Ms Mr and Lorde, Siore is worth checking out. The track is crawling with hooks, and it is easy to understand why Siore have generated a lot of social media love and radio attention, and as their sell-out gigs suggest, that seems set to continue.

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