Can’t Wait is the latest track from Belgian producer Francis Groove and features a collaboration with vocalist Miss X and Simon Le Saint and Tony G. The track follows Francis Groove’s last smash I Swear, a house inspired dance track that went top ten on MusicWeek’s Urban Club Chart. Can’t Wait sees

Francis Groove venturing into new territory with a chilled hip hop beat melded to Miss X’s stirring vocal to create a more laid back style dance track but nonetheless sizzling with all that urban pop aesthetic Francis Groove is known for. Can’t Wait begins with a subtle intro that gives a hint of what’s to come: a keys-driven sound with silken slick production and a mesmerising vocal hovering across the top.

The verses feature a direct and relatable lyric with the chorus divided into two parts, a hooky descending melody resolved by the second half, a sparse hook enhanced by Miss X’s subtle use of her high register. The track is simmering with anticipation and a contemplative form of communication, with the subject of the song focusing on relationship dynamics and personal growth.

There is a late-night mood about this track due to the sophisticated production and Miss X’s heartfelt performance. But there is a sense of quiet energy here too, with its steady grooves and sonic embellishments, the subtle rhythmic changes and the shimmering touches of the background layers. Miss X’s voice is vulnerable at all the right moments and emboldened with passion when it reflects the straight from the heart lyric. Can’t Wait follows on from a string of impressive releases from Francis Groove, including his collaboration with Tony G on another hit earlier this year Born To Win.

As Francis has said about Can’t Wait, ‘This track is very different from previous releases but a track that stays close to my soul roots. I really hope that people will enjoy this one’. Of that, Francis can be sure; Can’t Wait is a hooky urban pop gem which will no doubt resonate with many music lovers.

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