ANITA SPRING – New Release

ANITA SPRING – New Release

STILL A CHILD – Anita Spring

Following the overwhelming response to Anita Spring and her last single, This Ain’t Pretty, which received a lot of attention at radio and on many streaming platforms, the Australian singer-songwriter has just raised the stakes with her new release Still a Child.

Anita’s latest single is another stand-out contemporary country-pop track, one that explores themes of self-reflection with refreshing and inspiring honesty. It utilizes a heartfelt impassioned vocal performance and sophisticated sonic palette to create an energizing blend of country-fused styles.

Anita’s musical skills are all revealed here and with such an extraordinary career background including a long list of impressive musical collaborators such as Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) John Holiday and Trevor Steel (Escape Club) Grammy Award-winning Doug Gills and Mark Narmore (Reba McEntire, Shenandoah) Powderfinger, Vanessa Amorosi, Tina Arena, Christine Anu, Ian Moss, Joe Camilleri and Ross Wilson, it’s no wonder. Still a Child typifies Anita’s strong, urbane artistic traits, combining an authenticity that’s strengthened by a dynamic vocal range, a sense of vulnerability yet with an expressive determined streak, characteristics that are the essentiality of Still a Child.

With a buoyant cruisy feel underpinning the rhythmic structure, the song builds from the wistful sureness of the verses into the anthemic quality of the chorus. This is where the pay-off is, the chorus is instantly hooky and laced with emotional fire. Still a Child is a great mix of pop, folk and country and is an apt follow up to This Ain’t Pretty.

Anita’s songs reflect a contemporary exploration of relationships that also have an ageless aspect about them, utilising melody, strong vocal abilities and a proficient sound to communicate stories of human connection. As Anita has said about her forthcoming album from which Still a Child and This Ain’t Pretty is lifted, ‘I believe these songs will define me as an artist and I’m looking forward to releasing them over 2020/21’.



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ANITA SPRING – New Release

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