VIOLETA – Introducing

VIOLETA – Introducing

Violeta – Jealous Review

Australian artist Violeta Bozanic’s achievements are quite amazing considering her age, at only fourteen not only has she won numerous awards – too many to mention here – including taking out the 2018 junior vocalist award at the World Championships of Performing Arts held in the US, but she has just finished a round of recording with Grammy-award winning producer Jeffrey Weber and collaborated with upper echelon American songwriters writers including Dapo Torimiro (John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and Justin Bieber)and Troy Laureta (Ariana Grande, David Foster and JJ Lin).

Violeta has just released one of those recordings and it is a brilliantly mature and sophisticated pop song with her incredible vocal and songwriting talent clearly on show.Jealous begins with some acoustic guitar picking that nicely segues into the drum groove, which is laid-back yet uses syncopation to give it enhanced rhythmic energy, the soulful strains of Violeta’s voice emerges. In the verses, she sticks to a lower register, which has the effect of being evocative without having needing to push. Violeta’s elegant teen angst is restrained, yet powerfully commanding and confident.

The direct lyric also helps, getting to the source of her poignant communication quickly. When the pre-chorus arrives the melody rises, allowing us to get a hint of Violet’s upper vocal range and abilities. This section contains some rousing hooks and leads beautifully into the chorus. All the repetition one expects from a chorus melody is there, but it is varied by Violeta’s approach, empowered and driving home the message straight to the target of her emotional stirrings. The music loosens up here, with some interesting bass lines hovering below the melody and the other instrumentation. Another cycle appears with Violeta’s vocal prowess demonstrated once again towards the end of the song.

Because of the nature of Violeta’s subdued exuberance, the lyric begins to sound more like affirmation, it is aimed directly at the wrongdoer but feels introspective also. This combined with the stylish production gives the track a very refined aspect and considering Violeta’s age, quite an astounding one. This release is sure to help propel Violeta onto the world stage and create a real buzz in her home country.



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VIOLETA – Introducing

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