TIMECHYLD – Introducing

TIMECHYLD – Introducing

Melbourne musician Timechyld has just released his debut single Love Bank. It comes after years of writing, recording and performing, honing his craft and his love for 70s and 80s era funk and rock. Love Bank kicks off with a blazing bass riff which segues into a full-on dance-rock groove that thumps and grinds all the way to the verse. When Timechyld says, ‘Start from the top’, we get a good idea of the kind of celebratory vibe we’re in for.

The song is a playful amalgamation of high-energy new-wave 80s funk- pop, a cross-breed and hybrid that is rife with snappy and sweet hooks and a big pay-off chorus. From the verses, we’re led to a pre-chorus that anticipates the significant melodic hook of the chorus.

There are a few surprises during the following verses, with the sudden breaks of silence and shots of vocal harmonies, the filtered elements giving the production a contemporary styling. The post-chorus sections are awash with disparate textures and flavours, everything from Prince inspired guitar soloing to bursts of brass and background vocals that take the song into full flight mode.

Love Bank’s lyrics are about the obvious, attraction and allurement, love and dance floor desire but it’s performed with a humorous tinge, a hedonistic flavour which is somehow paying homage to those great funk pop records of days gone by yet creating an altogether fresh and dynamic piece of pure indie pop joy.

Timechyld’s voice flutters around the hyperactive grooves with confidence, energy and a carefree swagger, in some places calling to mind the earthy tones of George Michael. Love Bank is a rousing tune blending the best of retro funk rock pop with today’s clean and compelling production techniques and highlighting an exuberantly ambitious music artist at the beginning of their career.



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TIMECHYLD – Introducing

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