Taylor Sheridan – ADDED TO FLOW FM

Taylor Sheridan – ADDED TO FLOW FM

Yet another addition for Melbourne based singer songwriter Taylor Sheridan as he manages to snap up an addition onto FLOW FM NETWORK.

Even weeks after his campaign officially ending he is still picking up additions.

Great work to Taylor on his acoustic version of the track which also made it into last weeks AIR charts following his #1 spot a few weeks previously.



Having released two independent EP’s and a string of successful singles, Australian singer-songwriter Taylor Sheridan is back with a soul-stirring new track When The Demons Come. The new song is a powerful and emotive tour de force highlighting Taylor’s undeniable musical talent and extraordinary gift for storytelling.

Inspired by real-life events, When The Demons Come chronicles the emotional rollercoaster of self-healing with a raw and expressive artistic spirit. As Taylor says of When The Demons Come, ‘The process of writing this song has taught me a lot about myself and one hugely important thing about others in summary of a simple question. Are you okay?’

Taylor’s new release is his breakout track: contemporary, emotionally charged and featuring a strong and evocative vocal performance, a universal lyric and soulful melodic brilliance. When The Demons Come is available through MGM distribution on all streaming platforms and at radio on Friday 1st May.



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Taylor Sheridan – ADDED TO FLOW FM

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