Step It Up – Violeta

Step It Up – Violeta

Step It Up is the latest release from Australian singer-songwriter and vocal powerhouse Violeta Bozanic. It’s the follow-up to her most recent hit Dance With You, which saw Violeta broaden her style, utilising the sound of contemporary world pop blended with dance and RnB to produce a winning formula.

Step It Up is yet another leap forward, harnessing cutting edge production values to frame a new set of hooks, reflective lyrics and Violeta’s incredible vocal prowess. A subtle swathe of synths and ambiences form part of the intro which include a recurring keys riff, all enabling a smooth transition into the first verse.

Helped along by a sparse, funky bass part, the strength of the verse melody is quickly established. The build continues when the main pulse of the track, a straight time dance groove comes in, allowing Violeta an opportunity to turn up the heat. This leads to a pre-chorus with some dense backing vocal parts forming part of the rhythmic and melodic counterpoint to Violeta’s surging cadences.

When the chorus drops, all these elements combine to create a mesmerising and uplifting kaleidoscope of pop edginess. Manipulated vocals are fused to Violeta’s feisty performance to form part of the two-prong hook factor of this chorus; a catchy melody aided by a catchy production. Yet it’s never overdone, it feels as organic as the rhythmic feel or the direct nature of the lyric. Another cycle of verse, pre-chorus, chorus and chorus tag appear until the bridge, which continues in the same vein as the chorus though with a varied melodic part over the top, a peak that provides a perfect pathway back to the chorus and the chorus tag.

Step It Up will no doubt do great things for Violeta, not only revealing her progression as a songwriter but as extraordinary vocalist. It’s a sophisticated sound but one that never undermines Violeta’s youthful and energetic style, showcasing her skills in a unique light. Just like all her previous releases, Violeta’s Step It Up will attract huge attention at radio and streaming platforms, further enhancing the career of this blossoming music artist.



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Step It Up – Violeta

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