Smile ‘s for S3 Saba Brothers

Smile ‘s for S3 Saba Brothers

Smile – New single from S3 Saba Brothers

This new track from the Saba Brothers follows on from an extraordinarily successful 2018 for the boys with all three of their last singles achieving a tremendous amount of support from radio, social media and the growing audience numbers at their live shows.

Smile is an upbeat celebratory song extolling the joys and trepidations of first encounters and chance meetings. The three-piece band are exploring some new ground here with a more polished production but maintaining their trademark characteristic alternative pop-rock soundthe driving multi-textured guitar, the wistful vocal harmonies and Raymond Saba’s mellifluous voice.

The new song hints at a slight shift in musical direction, a natural progression from their previous releases but one bolstered by a matured confidence and robust playfulness. Beginning with a solo guitar riff that straddles the line between indie and rock, the song soon bursts into a full, carefree feel, replete with euphonious twin guitars accompanied by a swaying rhythm, with the bass and drums providing a solid steady foundation.

The melodic structure is an interesting change from the band’s last few singles as it adopts a less formal approach, with a chorus whose hook is not immediately obvious yet nonetheless catchy and effective.

The unpredictable nature of the song’s structure continues after the second chorus when a musical tag appears which is awash with resplendent vocal harmonies and a melancholic flavour.

This section then segues into a dynamic bridge after which a short solo appears. After another cycle of verse and chorus, the musical tag reappears, a clear highlight of the song, containing all the defining elements of the band’s style. Smileis a worthy addition to the Saba Brothers musical output so far and one that is sure to attract some serious and sustained attention and commercial rewards.



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Smile ‘s for S3 Saba Brothers

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