Shotgun Mistress – Glorious Machine

Shotgun Mistress – Glorious Machine

Melbourne’s Shotgun Mistress has just released a new track Glorious Machine, the latest from one of the most promising new rocks bands to emerge from the Australian music scene in a long while.

Continuing their trademark style of raucous, guitar riffs, bludgeoning rhythms and melodic muscle, Glorious Machine also contains another aspect that’s sure to see the song become a crowd favourite; a high-spirited killer chorus. Where their previous single Save Me From Myself (No1. on the iTunes Australian Rock Charts, Top 40 overall chart) highlighted a full-throttled energy style that took on some of the typical hard rock tropes, Glorious Machine stretches the band’s expertise further, exploring a style that encompasses all the dynamics of great rock: razor-sharp memorable guitar riffs, enigmatic lyrics and a chorus that takes the track to another level. Formed just under two years ago, Shotgun Mistress’ new track reflects the importance the band places on live shows.

As the band has said about performing live, ‘That’s where the songs come to life, where the madness happens!’ Glorious Machine kicks off with a menacing guitar riff, an accompanying stomping bass part, a drum fill and then Glenn Patrick’s indelible vocals. The pace is quick, counterpointed by the verse melody which contains some interesting bluesy flavours.

All this leads into the chorus, with its stadium aura, group chants and all-round majestic hard rock bluster. The impassioned attitude is easy to detect; the record shimmers with urgency and authenticity.

As the band has said about their creative process, ‘Musicians make music that they enjoy, songs that they like, we don’t put in the work for any rewards other than the personal satisfaction of creating something that we enjoy. Anything further that an artist receives is a bonus, we’ll just go with the creative flow and see what happens’. Glorious Machine is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album due out soon.

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Shotgun Mistress – Glorious Machine

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