Austrian band Shine has just released their debut single We’ll Be Alright, a power-pop guitar-based track with a heartfelt message that packs a real emotional punch.

The band is fronted by vocalist Gregor Glanz, a renowned artist in his own right in Austria. As Gregor says of the new track, ‘We want to give people hope with our song, something they may have lost during these difficult times. Staying true to the motto: love illuminates even the darkest room!’ And that’s the case with We’ll Be Alright, with its focus on caring and protecting.

The song kicks off with a massive chorus, a stadium rock sing-along that sets the emotional level for the rest of the track. The verses are more subdued, with Gregor’s voice reaching some low tones that reveal the extent of his amazing vocal skill. From there the song builds, leading once again to the blistering chorus. Helping maintain the energy are all the adept performances from the band: the accomplished guitar playing, a consistent and solid driving pulse form the rhythm section, as well as the lush layers of background vocals.

What’s most potent about this track is the universal theme of love established in the lyric, with lines such as, forever I’ll be by your side together well make it through the tide’, and Your love is my way of living remember this promise that we keep will make our love strong, a love so deep’, sentiments that are all easily identifiable. The stirring imagery of these words will no doubt resonate with many and generate a huge audience for the band.

Many elements come together seamlessly here, the flavours of rock, the melodic vibrancy of pop and other classic ingredients that make for enduring songs. We’ll Be Alight is timely and wonderfully candid, cutting through the fog of very challenging times, times that to some degree might be illuminated by Shine’s expressive new track.



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