SHAKE IT – King Cavalli’s Cracking Follow Up

SHAKE IT – King Cavalli’s Cracking Follow Up

New York-based music artist King Cavalli has just released Shake It the follow-up to his most recent hit Oceans of Emotion. The new single yet again features King Cavalli’s stirring vocal and trademark fusion of musical styles. On Shake It, King Cavalli employs elements of hip-hop, rap, soul, reggaeton and pop to great effect.

Beginning with a dramatic synth pad intro aided by flying vocal drops and the requisite rap introduction, the heartbeat of the song is soon established with King Cavalli’s vulnerable yet evocative vocal the main focus. The verse melody is engaging and drifts between the counterpoint rhythms of the beats and the vocal chunks, and despite the slightly wistful feeling, there is also an uplifting, hopeful tone about it. When the chorus appears, which directly follows the verses, these strands are woven together to create a hooky, pop-infused proclamation of love.

The song’s peak is here; vibrant, melodically strong with the production thickened and the emotional energy turned up. Where Oceans of Emotions was a powerful declaration of love, desire and all the associated complexities, Shake It is a more personal kind of statement which in turn renders it universal and relatable.

There are some other interesting aspects at work here on this track, the nicely placed drops and pauses, the catapulting vocal hooks and all the other sonic touches that make this an impressive and memorable contemporary track. And the commercial aspects of this song will soon see it added to radio stations and streaming playlists everywhere; it’s instantly hooky and accessible with a sentiment that will resonate with all. It’s a celebratory love song with a club floor edge and King Cavalli’s expressive delivery at the helm. As King Cavalli says,‘I want my music to make my listeners better people at the end of the day. I want to help people as they are soul searching throughout life.

I want to make the soundtrack songs for the special moments of peoples’ lives’. And with Shake It, King Cavalli has no doubt done just that.



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SHAKE IT – King Cavalli’s Cracking Follow Up

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