Saba Brothers Hit AMRAP Charts

Saba Brothers Hit AMRAP Charts

Saba Brothers hit the AMRAP’s

Just week two into the Saba Brothers campaign with the release of their new single ‘Walk Away’ and already they have started to make some serious traction beginning with taking out #8 spot on the AMRAP Regional Charts this week.

With a spate of radio and press appearances coming up over the coming weeks as well as more left of centre extra curricular activities including a Guinness World Record attempt for the biggest guitar ensemble in Sydney this week, the lads from S3 are keeping extremely busy promoting the new release.

Thanks to all the community stations who got behind the boys last week by playing their track and looking forward to seeing more come out of the wood work for S3.

Saba Brothers AMRAP charts


Think Rock, Pop, Roots that’s infused with a Ska twist, and you will get one of Australia’s hottest rising bands, The Saba Brothers ‘S3’.

Making waves locally with their strong message of feel good positivity, the Sydney based trio are set to release their debut radio release within the coming days.

S3’s first single “Walk Away”, showcases their characteristics & flare in a three-and-a-half-minute experience of respite from the modernistic clutches of stereotypical rock/pop.

Produced and arranged by Steve Peach (Icehouse, Kylie Minogue, Fergie & Gwen Stefani), recorded at Stereo Missile Recordings and penned by The Saba Brothers, Walk Away is scheduled for national radio release on Friday 10th August 2018.


A bond between brothers and a love of music has fostered a strong partnership of creating songs with a message.  

–  Stacey Roberts, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

With Raymond on lead guitar, Steve on drums, Nathan on bass guitar, their individual talents complement each other when they come together on stage and they all sing.



Check out S3’s new single ‘Walk Away’ here:

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Saba Brothers Hit AMRAP Charts

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