Peter Senior Releases New Track – Little Lovin

Peter Senior Releases New Track – Little Lovin


Peter Senior continues to surprise all with this latest release, Little Lovin, taken from the debut album On The Edge.

It follows on from a run of massive singles including Cool RideBaby I Love You and The Christmas Tree. No one can accuse Peter of resting on his laurels as this new tune clearly displays.

It’s another retro-infused pop juggernaut with nods to Motown, Billy Joel, rock, blues, pop and everything in between. Soaring above the sassy brass and unrelenting syncopation, the heart-and-soul supplication and the no holds barred style is Peter’s exuberant vocal delivery.

His powerful and heartfelt voice ducks and weaves between the impassioned harmonies of the backing vocalists, the on the beat drum poundings and the electrifying piano flourishes. It might sound like souped-up Motown meets Billy Joel and Springsteen, with a nod to the glory days of FM radio, but the record has all the pristine production characteristics and perfected sonic nuances which are steeped in the now.

The lyric focuses on escaping hard times, rejection, eschewing negativity and embracing a better life, with that transcendence made all the more personal by a willingness to let go and invite optimism and love into one’s world. It’s a relatable sentiment with warm-hearted universal appeal.

Anyone listening to the song for the first time will think they’ve been transported to another era, another placethis is the effectiveness of Peter Senior’s approach and musical commitment. It’s a song which is melodically infectious, rhythmically enticing and lyrically charming and seductive.

As Peter Senior’s past successes reveal, there is an audience out there ready to give in to this nouveau retro style, the juxtaposition of the fresh with the time-honoured, as it strikes a chord of familiarity, yet one which is dosed with all the urbane excitement of today.



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Peter Senior Releases New Track – Little Lovin

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