Peter Nigido chats with KIIS FM about ‘Turn a Page’

Peter Nigido chats with KIIS FM about ‘Turn a Page’

Last month singer / songwriter Peter Nigido had the chance to fly up to Sydney and perform in the airlock at Austereo’s 2Day FM HQ. It was a busy day for Peter after a chilled acoustic performance he made his way into KIIS FM to chat with Gordie on Planet OZ about his latest track ‘ Turn A Page’ which can be seen here:

Moving forward Peter is back in the studio prepping for a new year full of releases which we are eager to hear.


Melbourne-born music artist Peter Nigido welcomes the release of his new single Turn a Page. This latest offering of indie electronic pop follows on from Peter’s previous singles in 2015 which earned themselves a place on alternative radio playlists across the country. The focus of Turn a Page is self- evident; a study in reflection and the development of emotional strength. Peter’s infectious track will surprise with its melodic counterpoints, late-night club groove and its darkness and light set against a confessional lyric. As Peter says: ‘After each time you get through a personal struggle, that’s always a good opportunity to start looking in the mirror and asking a few questions.’ Turn a Page is confirmation that Peter is primed to reach a new level along his musical path.

Turn a Page was produced and mixed by James and Vince Leigh, at Refinery Recording, the home of Cultivator Records. The new label’s in-house approach to producing and releasing music means independent artists have input at every level of the creative process.

Peter Nigido’s Turn a Page is at radio today and available to download August 31.


Triple J Unearthed Charts: Electronic No.1 for 2 weeks for Single Holding Hands with the SunTriple J Unearthed Electronic Charts: Top 10 for 6 weeks Holding Hands with the SunSingle Touch reached No.18 on the Triple J Unearthed Electronic Charts
APRA Professional Development Awards shortlist finalist for single Holding Hands with the Sun in 2011.



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Peter Nigido chats with KIIS FM about ‘Turn a Page’

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