No Hard Feelings For Izellah

No Hard Feelings For Izellah

Izellah has just released No Hard Feelings, a brilliant follow-up to her last smash Hello which was released earlier in the year. No Hard Feelings employs a stunning array of contemporary pop elements which fused to Izellah’s refreshingly passionate vocal delivery make for an exciting and engaging musical treat.

And once again the lyric plays a pivotal role in the power of this new song. Direct and relatable, like many of Izellah’s past releases, No Hard Feelings explores beyond the typical narrative of a troubled friendship to venture into territories of reconciliation and forgiveness.

And underpinning this poignant lyric is a sophisticated production style, Izellah’s stunning vocal performance and a series of strong and captivating melodies. Kicking off with an evocative guitar part, the song builds, gradually creating a wide yet sparse musical backdrop.

The verse melody allows for the lyric to resonate, with lines such as, ‘You act so cool but I know that it is all a game, you say one thing then flip it and give me the blame’, a sharply expressive stance that sets up the mood of the track well. The pre-chorus, with its restless kind of energy and urgency, is the perfect bridging part between the sparse verses and the chorus. When Izellah sings, ‘We used to be so close’, it firmly establishes the tone of the chorus.

There are big hooks here, especially with the rolling melodic turns and the fuller instrumentation, hooks that are condensed within the tag that follows the end of the chorus, a reiteration of the forthright lyric and its more memorable parts. The song continues in this flow, building to another pre-chorus and then chorus until a breakdown pre-chorus changes the mood. Most of the instrumentation drops out leaving Izellah’s voice, sparkling and refining the focus.

No Hard Feelings is a rousing emotional exploration of composure and clemency and its success is sure will add to the list of Izellah’s ever-growing achievements.



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No Hard Feelings For Izellah

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