Michael Burrows killer follow up

Michael Burrows killer follow up

Turning This Love Around on his next chapter

It is clear from the opening strains of this new release from Australian singer-songwriter Michael Burrows where the listener is about to be taken.

It is familiar territory but one traversed utilising a voice invoking tranquillity. Burrows’ soft-edged timbre and palpable, uncontrived vulnerability is the perfect vehicle for the lyrical angle on this track; an intimate plea that fulfils all the promises of his adopted alt- country style, a commonly crooned missive but one relatable and satisfying. The song’s melodic design, combined with the production style and Burrows’ matter of fact vocal approach calls to mind Paul Kelly and Shane Nicholson, two fellow Australian troubadours whose reflective gazes seem analogous to Burrows’, at least during initial listens.

But Turn This Love Aroundreaches for less moderated heights and aims unflinchingly at the heart. ‘Love’s not supposed to hurt,’ Michael claims, and that’s what’s condensed here among the many other hidden pearls, the questionable, aching phases of lost connection become a sort of affirmative lament, ironic at its core but strangely rewarding.

This song, the latest in a line of releases dating back a few years, will no doubt land on radio playlists as easily as the song itself will settle into the gentle stream of other remembered tunes playing in one’s mind. This amalgamation of direct, bare-boned lyric set against cogent, contemporary organic sonics is a fit that works on many levels. A track just as easily imagined floating out of a car stereo on a lazy sun-filled afternoon as it is streamed in the small sombre hours of the morning, its familiar-sounding nuances are just some of its many drawcards.

There is enough here to warrant repeated listenings but at a glance, it’s a well-crafted piece of country pop featuring a voice with as much narrative suavity and charm as you’re ever likely to hear.

Listen To ‘Turn This Love Around’ Here:

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Michael Burrows killer follow up

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