Lucy Burke – Introducing

Lucy Burke – Introducing

Luckiest Girl is the new release from Sydney based singer-songwriter Lucy Burke.

In recent years Lucy has been steadily creating a buzz around the local music scene. She was the feature artist at The Sydney Football Stadium in 2016 after winning the Bands On Stage competition and the feature artist at The Australian Songwriters Awards in 2017 where she performed her single Leaving on a Lie

Luckiest Girl follows her previous releases Nighttime and Calm Before the Storm,recorded with engineer Luke Bertoz (Tales in Space, Dappled Cities). After two albums, Botany Street(2008) (recorded at Abbey Road Studios London) Chasing Sparks(2014) (recorded and produced by Sean Carey, former guitarist of Thirsty Merc) and the EP Behaviour (2013), Lucy has returned with a stunning new track that fuses ambient, orchestral, jazz-funk and pop, highlighting once again her incredible versatility as a vocalist and songwriter.

It begins with a haunting ambient effect that segues into a lush sound, a hypnotic blend of pop and funk, with its jazz etched bass lines and hip-hop influenced rhythmic textures floating around Lucy’s emotive performance and a series of hooky melodies. The arrangement makes good use of all the various sections of the song, creating smooth transitions that spread out from the key riff, the verses and the chorus.

The style is an interesting cross-pollination of artistic sensibilities that are reminiscent of Portishead, Nora Jones and Lana Del Ray but Lucy’s incandescent cadences stand apart and help to create a hybrid that is all her own. Just as the sound and melodic flavour of Luckiest Girl is broad and expansive, the lyric too covers territory which is equally large in scope.

The theme here is unrequited love and this area is vividly explored via Lucy’s penchant for universal ideas communicated through the conduit of direct and relatable imagery. No doubt Luckiest Girl will do well for Lucy Burke and attract a lot of attention at radio and all streaming platforms.



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Lucy Burke – Introducing

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