INTRODUCING: S3 The Saba Brothers

INTRODUCING: S3 The Saba Brothers


Sydney based rockers ‘S3′ otherwise known as ‘The Saba Brothers’ join forces with AR Promotion to release their stellar EP titled ‘LIFE’.

‘Walk Away’ the first single off the EP due to drop Friday August 10th is a provocation spouting equal rights and just behaviour in an otherwise unformiddable world.

If you break it down it’s really quite simple, Treat those how you would treat yourself.  A classic and well known scripture spreading across generations but how exactly do we put our words into actions?

For these 3 amazingly talented brothers who step outside of their own morality and venture into the spotlight with their upbeat garage pop/rock/ska inspirations, they manage to find a platform to not only create great music but also support some amazing organisations along the way.

Lets face it, making music can be tough and it’s not something everybody is blessed with let alone 3 brothers collaborating together to create something with an actual backbone modern contemporary music can sometimes be void of.


From the get-go the track sets it’s foundations with the introduction of pounding drums and moves into a ska like guitar groove, followed by the pop/punk vocals of Lead singer Nathan Saba accompanying both Steven and Raymond’s musical abilities.

The overall charm of the track lends itself to a wider live audience playing on the heart strings of basic stand out instruments and giving the everyday punter a show not to forget in a hurry.   While personally coming from a 90’s background growing up in the grunge world, it’s great to see that rock is still very much alive and kicking in Australia, all the while spreading a positive sentiment to their listeners.

It’s a definite crowd pleaser, enticing their audience to get up off their seats and get amongst the exiting raw garage rock vibe.


You can listen to S3 Saba Brothers here:

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INTRODUCING: S3 The Saba Brothers

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