Izellah releases Island Holiday

Following on from her last hit Unbeatable, Queensland-born musical theatre star Izellah has come out with an ultra-hooky summer-flavoured smash that you’ll soon be hearing all over radio and commercial TV.

The song’s title says it all: Island Holiday. It’s interesting to see this young uber-talented performer’s progression from starring in Matildato releasing her own music. This particular track has a level of maturity about its production but the song’s message is just right for Izellah’s audience. The lyric is acute in its simplicity and perfect for singing along to – for old and young alike. Contemporary high synth flourishes introduce the song and after a few swishes, the tropical house style feel kicks in. Izellah’s emotive vocals create an interesting juxtaposition between the innocent and the good time feel of the track. It’s a youth-orientated track but has its foundations in dance and its eyes on converting the general public.

The lyric cuts to the chase and goes to the heart of what that youth wants to hear. ‘Let’s celebrate, have a party today,’ Izellah sings at the tag of the chorus. But it could be viewed as a celebration on any level. That’s part of the appeal of this track, relatable to many regardless of their demographic. Musically it’s a great fit for radio right now, and as summer is just around the corner in Australia, it’s a song you can imagine getting more and more attention. Izellah’s vocals are on show of course, especially in the bridge where the melody allows her the room to move up to a higher range and we hear the full potential of her remarkable singing prowess. ‘’Every day the sun is shining,’ is the first verse’s intro lyric.

This reflects the sentiment of the entire song, and a positive affirmation we could all benefit from hearing sometimes. There is a great energy woven throughout this track; from all the various the rhythmic elements to the radio-friendly keyboard lines and finally to Izellah’s brand of heartfelt, expressive vocal performance.

There’s a lot to like about this tune, and after a few plays, you’ll know what I mean. The festive feel will hook you in and before you know it you’ll be singing along to the chorus with the same spirit Izellah adopts.

Listen to Izellah:

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