Hunter DeBlanc releases pop gem in Sydney

The short intro of ringing synth and pulsating piano leads into a thumping bass drum that sets the feel for the rest of this tune, the new single Sydney by indie music artist Hunter Deblanc.

The sonic delights abound as more synths and clamouring eighties drums and claps come in, all layered with an economically adopted funk rock guitar and a confessional lyric that is as much about desire as it is about emotional self-assessment. This latest single from Hunter, which follows a spate of releases, most notably his 2016 EP Daydreaming, just might be the track that will capture the attention of a mainstream audience.

Not only is the sonic landscape are a pleasurable amalgamation of dance funk, alternative electronic and unashamed pop, Hunter’s adroit vocal performance is also convincing and engaging, with a faint trace of emo heartache in his timbre which is more noticeable at the upper regions of his register. This piece is brash and unrelenting, similar in scope to the work of other acts like Bastille and Owl City but with a more direct melodic approach such as a group like Chvrches might adopt.

The hooks are here in all forms, whether it’s the icing of keyboards and synths, the stadium vocal chants or the INXS-like guitar chunks giving the sound it’s more organic flavouring, it is an earworm of the most arresting kind. However, what expands the track and gives it an entirely different shape is the lyric. Sure it’s laced with all the not so veiled descriptions of a character losing their self-restraint, going off ‘the deep end’ as Hunter sings but it’s the reference to Sydney which is interesting.

In this city at the bottom of the world, which might not sit well with the inhabitants of that place but they can forgive Hunter, the observation is reflective at its core, old habits die hard. This name-checking inadvertently paints the city with a certain kind of odd veneration, imbibing it with a new notoriety, a result of its allure and temptations blocking any hope of recovery for the pained protagonist of this song. And why would anyone want a city which doesn’t offer such magnetic transgressions, that’s no fun, and especially when such brazen yearning as featured in this pop song is at the very heart of its uplifting disclosure?

Listen To ‘Sydney’ Here:

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    Absolutely love this sound!!! Sydney people need to have a listen and embrace this.


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