Joining Australian Radio Promotion’s family this week we welcome Perth based Hip/Hop MC OptiMystic.   Hitting the ground running with the release of his phenomenal first single ‘Dreams Alive’ and taken from his upcoming album ‘Salty Waterz’, the style of OptiMystic’s delivery conveys a strong and meaningful foundation, raising the bar on peoples expectations on future releases.

Known for his ability to mingle, perform and produce with some of the industries greats including Arrested Development, Wu Tang, Onyx and Heltar Skeltar, this Aussie artist has more notches in his fully packed, musical career utility belt than one can poke a stick at.

From the beginning the track sounds spectacular.    Even if you’re not a Hip/Hop fan I strongly suggest you open up your mind and allow this to resonate for a few minutes…


‘Dreams Alive’ is an undeniably addictive collaboration with the angelic vocals of Tenette Smith introducing the initial groove of the track.  Followed by Sickflo’s heart wrenching vocal tamber clearly expressing his ability to illustrate a clear portrait in the listeners mind.  Compelling performances by the extremely talented Mic Handz throughout the track adding to this powerful and much needed hip hop track in it’s genre for Australia.  Who could forget the charismatic flow of the man himself ‘Optimystic’ in the 3rd verse nailing the delivery and bringing the track home.

The lyric, provocative in delivery and motive.  The heart of the track reels in the complexities about the current independent state of the music industry.

Overall ‘dreams Alive’ has this brilliant sombre overtone indicative of the story it’s trying to portray, leaving the audience with a sense of empowerment rather than to just regress back into a system in which you can not control.

This compelling track bridges the gap between commercial and the more alternative vibe he has previously been known for.

Due for release on the 4th of August 2018, we cannot wait to see how this first instalment plays out.    Check him out on our playlist below or head to for further details on shows, and discography etc.

Listen to OptiMystic here:

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