iLUMiNATiVE – Introducing

iLUMiNATiVE – Introducing

The new track by Australian rapper Iluminative is an inventive blend of rap, hip-hop and rock with a thought provoking lyric and an underlying pulse of inspirational energy running through it. Kundalini Rising is the title track from Iluminative’s album and features a vast array of enticing elements.

Kicking off with a subtle piano part the song lurches into gear, with Iluminative’s rhymes painting an intriguing picture: a message with is ultimately about hope and self-belief. With lines such as, Activate your potential by getting your energy active and central / in fact it’s essential to be acting sensual, the intent behind this lyric is clear and substantiated by the wall of hip-hop sound that blends disparate musical elements, forming a satisfying musical whole.

Throughout his ten-year career, Iluminative has featured on mainstream and online radio stations nationwide and across the globe and four albums and eight mixtapes under his belt, this multi-faceted artist appears to have his sights set firmly on the next level with Kundalini Rising. As Iluminative has said about the song’s origins: ‘It is about Kundalini rising, an ancient spiritual practice of rising energy through the whole body. This awakens what our ancestors called the sacred snake in our energy and physical body.

This leads to knowledge and awareness beyond the physical five-sense perception. This is one method to wake up our energy and embody a higher consciousness. My song is also about my personal experience of this happening but in an entertaining way’. This personal experience has been transformed into an imaginative musical narrative and one which will no doubt appease Iluminative’s fan base, as well as, help attract many new followers.

The interplay of hip-hop and rock, let loose beneath the governing drive of rap, seems to work, with Iluminative’s hyper-active performance well placed amid the corralling of distortion and full, brash beats. As the music artist has said about the inspirational elements behind his writing: ‘Living life, going through a bunch of experiences and reflecting on them to write about.

Being more mindful, conscious and healthy inspires me to write more. Performing is different as it’s more like a sport for me, I get in that zone like I have to win this round’. And this fighting spirit is certainly on show on Kundalini Rising.



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iLUMiNATiVE – Introducing

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