Heart Of Mine – New Release From Phil Edwards Band

Heart Of Mine – New Release From Phil Edwards Band

Heart Of Mine – Early in 2019, the Phil Edwards Band dropped their second single As It Goes, from their forthcoming album. The song attracted huge support at radio and online and was added to the playlists of a string of commercial networks right across the country.

It has been a massive boost to the band’s profile and their growing number of fans. They’ve now released a follow-up, Heart Of Mine, which is sure to be as successful as the band’s previous singles. Heart Of Mine is an alt-country track with a great, spirited feel and featuring the band’s trademark mix of country, rock and indie sensibilities. The song begins with a rockabilly style snare drum feel which segues into an instrumental intro.

The band’s full sound is immediately apparent but it’s not long before the verse comes in and the space is filled by Phil’s warm and vulnerable sounding vocals. The lyric contains a narrative, story-like quality about it as it details all the tenderness and hurt of unrequited love. The verse melody is made more interesting and captivating by the subtle use of vocal harmonies, which act as a contrasting compliment to the rolling nature of the rhythm.

The chorus is memorable and resolves with a lyric that gives a clue to the depth of the lyric when Phil sings, ‘I feel I’m running out of time’, adding even more urgency to the track. The cycle of verse and chorus plays out until a bridge section, which is sparse both melodically and instrumentally, adding yet another dimension to the song which is unexpected yet feels necessary.

This then segues into the intro where the band is in full flight, complete with swathes of beautiful vocal work at the forefront. A stop chorus follows during which all the detail and subtle nuances of Phil’s voice are made plain. The production is raw enough that it allows a driving energy to be the focal point but the strength of the melody takes it into more classic indie-pop territory. Heart Of Mine is sure to add to the band’s reputation as one of the most exciting indie acts to emerge in the past year.

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Heart Of Mine – New Release From Phil Edwards Band

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