Harry Cleverdon – Introducing

Harry Cleverdon – Introducing

With an impressive array of achievements already under his belt, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Harry Cleverdon, the young NSW-based music artist, has just released an impressive new track Deserve Your Love, taken from his debut album Octothorpe.

At just 18 he’s amassed an incredible list of achievements including winning the International Songwriting Competition for the people’s choice with his song Hit Me While I’m Down, sharing the stage with several big names including Troy Cassar-Daley and Isaiah Firebrace, winning numerous national competitions including ‘Champion’ of the National Busking Championships and releasing a critically acclaimed EP.

Harry’s musical transition from that six-year-old naturally gifted performer to the accomplished musical artist he is today has seen his strength as a writer, vocalist and musician developed to extraordinary levels. Harry is not your average contemporary pop-rock artist and his latest release is not an average song but a finely-crafted blend of poignant lyrics, irresistible vocal prowess and memorable and alluring melodies. Taking cues from such artists as Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Jason Mraz, Harry has put his own stamp on the genre to create an enticing amalgamation of heartfelt musical power.

Deserve Your Love is a brilliant taste of Harry Cleverdon ‘s debut album; a song that combines astute personal reflection and storytelling with an expressive vocal performance and skilful musicianship. The song is about muted yearning, a variation of unrequited love that is wonderfully communicated. The track is beautifully produced utilising Harry’s rich voice and superb guitar playing to bring out the best in the song’s energy and intensity.

With his streaming stats already at a quarter of a million and rising, Harry is part of a new breed of contemporary Australian music stars creating an impact here and potentially at a global level. Deserve Your Love’s stirring narrative and entrancing sound will resonate with many.



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Harry Cleverdon – Introducing

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