FATTY BOOMBA added to CHANNEL 7 Sport and AFL Playlists

FATTY BOOMBA added to CHANNEL 7 Sport and AFL Playlists

Fatty Boomba’s latest single ‘Mean Machine’ has been given a massive promotional feature by being added to AFL programming across the country on the 7 network from this week.



“MEAN MACHINE”, a strong, empowered juggernaut of a track,  embracing all the biologically determined urges one has to attain their very own self worth. A major transgression marrying substance and meaning to a modern day pop song.

Courting the POP/EDM style, Fatty Boomba offers up new elements to this genre, focusing on the songwriting in order to exhibit a greater emphasis on a more organic result.

It’s about motivation. It’s about pushing aside boundaries and creating your own goals in life. It’s about an everyday joe doing the same thing but being strong to strive forward and motivating others along he way.             – Peter Josef


Some serious attention was gained as Fatty Boombawas placed top 10 in the International Song-writing Competition (among over 16,000 entries). With a string of successful singles hitting radio stations across the world, they continued their impressive momentum.

Moving into 2018, Fatty Boombais looking to release their E.P later in the year, while playing a bunch of new shows and making even more headway with this new masterful piece of pop.

Released on the 17th of March this track has already received outstanding reviews form a tonne of online press and continues to move forward as a follow up on their last release “It’s the life”..


Written by frontman Peter Josef,  this latest piece of art was produced by kingpin Stuart Stuart (Sheppard / The Veronicas / Tin Alley) who also contributed to some instrumental performances on the song.

These two power houses bring together a fully polished banger of a track, clearly showing their strong history  together as artists and professionals.


Check out Fatty Boomba here:


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FATTY BOOMBA added to CHANNEL 7 Sport and AFL Playlists

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